The Future, Now!

A 3i Project

Starting a 4IR Business is like Skiing

The process of Invention is at what 3i excels. Taking your 4IR initiative from Ideation to Fruition is a slippery slope. Let 3i guide you through the correct course for maximum profitability.



The process of Marketing your 4IR Business must be seamless and not cluttered with the noise of instant media. Let 3i position you for maximum sustainability.



The process of the Implementation of your new technology should ideally be organic with early adopters leading the way. Let 3i ensure that your technology is well received by your customers.



About 3i

3i is the global market leader in Microelectronic Device Development and Genetic Engineering Development. In addition to this 3i has branched out into Clone Programming and is dominating this market globally. 3i is led by Avishkar Govender whom is the only person in the world to work for all of Sheik Ahmed Tijan, Sheik Malik Sy, Sheik Ahmadu Bamba, Sheik Ibra Fall, Sheik Muhamadu Laye, Sheik Issa Laye, Sheik Abdul Qadir and Sheik Abdul Razzaq. It is through the divine blessings of these eight iconic Sheiks that 3i has achieved its global market position and because Avishkar Govender has always only worked for these eight iconic Sheiks that 3i maintains its global market position. Let 3i take your 4IR Startup into the future of the integration of humanity and technology.


Whether this is your first 4IR Initiative or another attempt at a good idea, 3i will provide the following services to you on a debt for equity basis:

  • 4IR Startup Development Program
  • 4IR Startup Incubator Program
  • 4IR Startup Mentorship Program
  • 4IR Startup Marketing Program
  • 4IR Startup Funding Program
  • 4IR Startup Transition Program

What this means is that our services are provided on credit - and we extend credit to every qualifying 4IR Startup - and once your 4IR Business has made the Transition from Ideation to Profitability we will swap your debt for equity in your 4IR Business.

Why 3i?

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Cybernetics, Internet of Things and even products like "Neuralink" are outdated technologies. 3i is ahead of the technology market by thousands of years.

Why 4IR?

3i recognises the chasm that exists between where it is and where it operates and the rest of the world's intelligentsia. To bridge this divide 3i has created the 4IR Project to invest new-to-people technologies in the technologists of the future.

For 3i Technological Quality Is The Foremost and Highest Priority.

3i prides itself on being the foremost Microelectronic Device Developer and Genetic Engineering Developer in the world. In addition, 3i is heavily invested in being the first choice for Clone Programming globally. 3i has gone to great lengths over the last 3 decades to secure its position in the world and wants to work with forward thinking Technologists to uplift humanity. Let 3i show you the way to The Future, Now!

Our 4IR Startup Development Program is individually executed so that each 4IR Initiative receives the Development assistance that is a perfect fit for its requirements. We do not treat any Invention like any other. Individuality is the cornerstone of our philosophy of Development and 3i sows this into every 4IR Initiative progressively assisting it to become a profitable 4IR Business in the real world.

Our 4IR Startup Incubator Program is not just about providing the means to bring your good idea to life but about supporting the Technologists personally and psychologically so that they are fully prepared for the realities of the global market. Holistic support is the nature of our Incubation service and 3i is dedicated to acquiring the most appropriate support systems for each and every 4IR Initiative.

Our 4IR Startup Mentorship Program pairs 4IR Initiatives with Technology minded Mentors that are part of our best-fit partnership ideal. We are protective of our 4IR Startups and ensure that they are partnered with responsible, erudite market leaders at all times. 3i does not do business with Technology Speculators and as such will never pair a 4IR Startup with someone who has short term horizons.

Our 4IR Startup Marketing Program goes beyond simply telling the world about the existence of a new 4IR Business. We take our 4IR Startups into the minds and lives of their potential customers and prove the value of their propositions repeatedly until they become early adopters. This approach has proved successful in the past with other 3i inventions that boast legions of users the world over.

Our 4IR Startup Funding Program is premised on our best-fit partnership ideal. We source the most appropriate venture capital, private equity and investment funds for our 4IR Startup Businesses, globally. This ensures that every 4IR Startup has a coherent and cogent path to a successful IPO and Public Listing. 3i is determined to ensure that every 4IR Business is publicly traded.

Our 4IR Startup Transition Program is focused on assisting 4IR Businesses that have been prepared for market to become highly profitable. This is the most critical stage of the entire 4IR Initiative and 3i ensures that profitability is achieved and maintained for the benefit of all participants in the 4IR Business. This is a carefully considered enterprise that 3i undertakes with all certainty.